All internship programmes aims to give adequate industrial or business training during the study, Hr internships also provides real experience to the students, they could practice theories they learned in the natural business environment.  When a student join and progress in the human resource graduation programme he or she has to undergo internship as a part of their study, as mentioned earlier it gives enough experience in hr management. College or university experience is not sufficient for making the carrier successful. Hr graduations are designed to fill this gap by giving adequate experience in the human resource management field.  Student behaviour and professional behaviour are different; Hr teacher’s assistantships make them to think like a human resource professional so that they could perform well in a business firm after degree.

We could experience the high rate of successful candidates who undergo internship during their studies. It doesn’t mean that a student can learn all the factors related to human resource management during the internship, but a committed intern can achieve basic skills during this period.  So we can say Hr internships as a tool for future success if carry out committed. It is practice that students from an institution come as a group for the internship. This will provide them an atmosphere to work together, but care should be taken to get enough guidance from the supervising authority for any doubt. Real time experience gained during Hr fellowships help them to become good leaders and professionals in human resource management. We could formulate a good carrier and work outlook during the training period.

We must learn to handle the sudden issues arising in the industry, adequate knowledge of labour and related laws will definitely help us to become good professionals. Knowledge about the law and internal management techniques could be experienced during the HR internships. Various other factors related to human resource profession will give a clear vision about our future job in this field. It will help us to answer application questions during our job interviews also. So we must always accept all the opportunity to work in the external or internal situations even if it demands hard job, we could gain lot of experience by attending all sorts of company meetings. We may have choice for not attending a social get together of the company, but it is advisable to attend these since it gives opportunity to interact with the top officials which may help us in our future carrier. An intern could experience the difference in the professional get together than in a college get together; this gives an opportunity to behave like a professional.


Always remember to keep good personal contact and relationship with the higher professional in the firm during our internship. We of course will get professional experience during hr internships but it is equally important to maintain a healthy relationship with the top officials. We could use these professional contacts in our carrier building process. We need not hesitate to ask the help for building our carrier but must keep a good record during our HR internship to get this.