Busy light is a revolutionary technology which helps businesses to improve productivity at the work places. Thanks to frequent interruptions in the work place, productivity always takes a hit. This is a phenomenon across the globe. You get interrupted while trying to accomplish something. This can be really annoying. Sadly, it happens all the time. And that is one of the biggest challenges faced by a modern work place. Clear communication is extremely important to achieve team goals. Quality of work also will get improved thanks to clear communication.

This outlook has resulted in office spaces without walls or cubicles. Of course, such spaces have played their role in creating effective teams. However, this outlook also made way for the culture of interrupting each other. You interrupt your colleagues all the time unknowingly. And they reciprocate the same in return. Then it becomes a vicious circle. At the end of the day, everybody suffers. Everybody complains that their productivity has shrunk. It is not helping the company or the employees. You need effective solutions to deal with this problem. And that effective solution is busy light.


The magic named busy light

  • When you install busy light in the office, it will be easier for your colleagues to learn about your availability status.
  • Whether you are available for a chat, busy doing some work, away or wants to be left alone – you will come to know about the exact status when you take a single look at the busy light next to their cubicle.
  • You can easily connect busy light to your system with the help of a USB.
  • When the team uses headsets, interruptions can be a regular thing. And most of those interruptions happen by mistake. They assume that you are free to have a chat when you are actually busy talking to an important client.
  • When you have installed busy light in the office, you don’t need to politely request your colleagues that you are busy doing some work. The busy light will do it for you. They will come to know about your status by having a look at the busy light. And if they see that you are not available, they will keep away.

It comes with a color scheme

Yes, when it comes to busy light, you display your status through colorful light. The color of the light will make it easy for you to figure out whether your colleague is free or not. As per the status you choose, the color will change. Different colors mean different things. For instance, green usually indicates that you are free and game for a quick chat. But when you see red, you should know that this person is super busy doing some important work. Yellow means that you are not at your desk. If you see purple color then it is an indication that they don’t want to be disturbed, at all. It is a clear signal of do not disturb. You should keep away.

However, you can customize the color choices as per your wish too when it comes to certain models. Also, you can program the busy light to alert you when there is an incoming call or instant message. In short, having busy light in your office space can be a big boon. Everyone will benefit. The productivity will witness a big boost thanks to busy light.