Are you considering working with an arborist in Sydney but are unsure if you need one or not? While it may be tempting to prune or remove a tree yourself, using a professional may be a better – and safer – option.

A certified arborist in Sydney is a professional trained in the science of tree care. They have studied and passed assessments in order to qualify as certified, ensuring that they have a high standard of knowledge and expertise when working with trees.

This article outlines when it may be necessary to hire a tree consultant.

You’re working with a heritage species

If you want to prune or remove a heritage-listed tree, you will have to apply for a permit and/or get development consent via your local council. In such circumstances, working with a professional tree consultant is advised as they are educated on how best to handle the heritage-listed tree and the legal requirements for doing so.

You want to prune a tree under potentially hazardous circumstances

Pruning a tree involves removing limbs that may be diseased, weak, damaged, dying or causing obstruction to structures or streets. Pruning can help maintain or even improve the safety, appearance and health of a tree. While you may be able to prune a tree yourself, it is advised that you try working with an arborist in Sydney to assist you if the job is hazardous; i.e. if pruning could cause harm to people or property.

You want to remove a tree

If you are planning to remove a tree (heritage-listed or not), it is highly recommended to use an arborist in Sydney to do the work for you. Trying to remove a tree yourself can be extremely dangerous, especially if you are unskilled. Additionally, tree removal is often a last resort, and a tree consultant may be able to advise you on whether you have any other options, such as pruning. Often a tree will be removed if it is dead or dying, poses a safety risk, or causes an obstruction that can only be resolved through removal.

A natural disaster or storm has caused damage that requires immediate attention

Natural disasters or storms can cause tree limbs and even entire trees to break and/or fall, potentially causing damage to other trees and plants, structures and vehicles. Removing heavy tree limbs and structures can be difficult and dangerous work. As such, working with an arborist in Sydney is advised as they can ensure the job is performed safely and minimise further risk to property.

You need a tree inspection report

Tree reports are often required by council when you lodge a tree removal or development application. They provide information regarding a number of factors related to trees, such as tree health and hazards. A level 5 consulting arborist in Sydney is needed to obtain a tree inspection report – lower level consultants are not qualified to provide reports.

You want to plant a tree properly

Planting trees can be highly rewarding, providing aesthetic, ecological and economic value to properties. However, it is important to ensure that trees are planted correctly. An arborist in Sydney can advise you on the ideal species to plant, taking into consideration the climate conditions and ecology of your region. The wrong species of tree planted in the wrong location can lead to problems such as poor growth, pest problems and diseases. A tree consultant can also assist you in sourcing the best soil and fertilisation methods for your new seedlings.