If you are going through the legal challenge of a divorce or de facto relationship breakdown then it is understandably a highly emotional and stressful time for you. However, there are legal considerations that need to be made regarding the future state of assets that were previously shared as well as the future care of any children.

If you are facing any of these issues in South-West Sydney, then it would make sense for you to seek the help of one of the many talented family lawyers in Campbelltown. These legal experts know exactly how to handle the situation you are facing and will give you highly valuable advice on what to do to get the outcome you desire.

Let’s take a quick look at 3 ways that family lawyers in Campbelltown can help you.


1.     Divorce proceedings

The process of getting a divorce can seem deceptively straightforward, but there are a lot of small things that can go awry that could pose significant delays to your application. Hiring a reputable family lawyer from Campbelltown will allow you to easily navigate the complexities of the court system and avoid unnecessary and costly delays.

For example, you might accidentally fill out a wrong detail or may not know what a certain declaration means and need your solicitor to advise you. A minor typo or similar technical error can actually derail your application quicker than you think – engage a family lawyer in Campbelltown to ensure this doesn’t happen to you!

They will also be able to help you understand what your obligations are with regards to any extra paperwork or reporting information to the court. Having an experienced solicitor on your side stops you from making silly mistakes or forgetting important deadlines.


2.     Out-of-court negotiation/mediation

Another area where your family lawyer from Campbelltown is able to help you is in the matter of out-of-courtroom negotiations between you and your ex-partner. These talks are designed to be supervised by both your solicitors and seek to find a mutually agreeable arrangement for the equitable distribution of assets and future custodianship of any children.

Of course, these negotiations can often devolve into debates where one side tries to argue down the other into accepting a compromise. Its important to have your solicitor close at hand during these talks to ensure that you remain focused and aren’t distracted by bickering with your ex.


3.     Litigation

Sometimes, it might be necessary to litigate the issue in court and have a judge examine the facts and issue a ruling. Your family lawyer in Campbelltown will be able to represent you in courtroom proceedings are make legal arguments, often citing prior cases, the prove you deserve a certain outcome.

Litigation is often the last resort as neither judges nor solicitors enjoy having to go through a lengthy court process because two parties are too stubborn too compromise. Sometimes if your ex is unwilling to give up an inch then litigation really is the only way for you to get what you deserve.

As you can see, a family lawyer in Campbelltown is able to do a lot of you when you’re going through divorce proceedings. Remember to do your research before deciding which practitioner to spend your time and money with as it can be hard to recoup loses spent on consultancy like this.