bed for an erotic massage

Known as an erotic massage, a sensual or tantric massage, this practice offers men and women a chance to feel healthy in all senses of the word.

While a standard back and shoulders rub down is beneficial, experiencing a natural and enticing exercise like this offers extra advantages that cannot be substituted through artificial means.

Here we will outline how an erotic massage goes the extra mile and how clients who take part in these activities source a greater level of enjoyment, relaxation and care in the process.

In-Depth Intimacy

Couples can spend years and thousands of dollars in therapy attempting to address intimacy issues. While they have been in a relationship for a duration, they can experience issues connecting with one and other on a purely human level. By signing up for an erotic massage, couples are able to share a common experience that promotes a deep healing where love and health combine in a natural setting. Aside from all distractions at work and at home, communication from the outside world is put aside for a couple of hours as the relationship is able to strengthen.

Boosts Libido Levels

For men and women who struggle with their libido levels, the use of an erotic massage becomes an incredibly valuable exercise. For couples who continually feel fatigued and fail to feel that desire for one and other, tapping into the natural senses and sexual drive is enhanced when clients book in for a tantric treatment. This is secured when the user engages in a prostate massage for the man to boost blood pressure in the genitals and ensure there are no erectile issues at play. The same principles apply to a perineal massage to improve blood flow and relieve any pelvic pain in the process.

Releasing Anxieties & Inhibitions

man getting a massage

Even with couples who have been together for years, the capacity to be entirely naked in front of one and other can create a sense of self-consciousness where personal inhibitions emerge. Those feelings of shame are soon released when participants take part in an erotic massage, soon realising how beneficial the practice is and how our bodies respond to this type of attention. When it is understood to be a process of enjoyment and release, suddenly those common perceptions and doubts wash away as men and women succumb to the moment.

Optimising All Muscle & Joint Performance

The good news for participants who engage an erotic massage is that they get to enjoy the extra intimacy and stimulation brought about by the practice without compromising on the health benefits of a quality massage. In this setting, no domain on the body is off limits as the connecting tissue, joints and muscles are all relaxed to relieve the pain and ensure that the vertebrae is in the right position. From posture issues to aches and pains sourced across the shoulders and lower back, this tension is quickly alleviated.

Different Levels of Massage

Depending on the type of provider and what the client feels comfortable with receiving, an erotic massage can be given at a variety of different levels. From styles that have been developed in East Asia to sensual treatments crafted around other regions, this is a practice that does not take a one-size-fits-all approach. It is an art form that includes body-to-body massage, prostate massage, happy ending massage, soapy massage, vagina massage or a four hands massage. There are also options where couples are invited to learn the practice so they can provide for one and other, or to be catered to by a skilled and experienced professional.