solar panel

Do you want to convince your boss to buy commercial solar panels? There are so many benefits – both environmental and financial – to investing in renewable energy.

This article challenges the main arguments used against using the sun’s energy for business and shows you why it’s a worthwhile pursuit.

“They are too expensive!”

Complaints about costs of setting up the system is the most common thing you’ll hear when discussing the matter. And sure, the upfront costs can be quite high; you have to pay for the units themselves, as well as batteries, an inverter, wiring and installation. But in many cases, businesses are eligible for government incentives and rebates to offset these costs. And in the long-run, commercial solar panels actually save businesses thousands of dollars every year. And prices continue to drop year after year, too.

“They are too weather-dependent”

While it is true that commercial solar panels are less efficient on rainy days, they are still able to collect some sunlight. To combat not being able to use them at their best on a cloudy day or during the night time, you can set up your system with battery storage, or simply use energy from the grid when you really need to. Energy demand is usually highest during the day, though, which means your energy needs should be met just fine.

“They are bad for the environment”

It is true that commercial solar panels are made of some hazardous and/or toxic materials, and emit greenhouse gases during production and transport. They also create a waste problem, as old ones are not easily recycled. However, overall, they have one of the lowest environmental impacts of all other energy sources, polluting far less than things like coal. And advancements in technology are constantly being made, making them more efficient, cheaper and environmentally-friendly.

“They take up too much space”

two men installing solar panels

The number of commercial solar panels you will need depends on the energy usage of your business. Many small businesses don’t actually require too many, meaning that the space on your roof should be large enough. If you still need more space, you can use your yard, use lights, or join a sharing network. Or you could simply just install as many as you can fit – at least that will satisfy some of your needs, and save you some money.

Other benefits

If you need more reasons to invest in this eco-friendly technology, here are three:

Diverse applications

Being able to decide whether you want to produce heat or electricity is one of the benefits of commercial solar panels. They also allow you to generate electricity in places which do not have access to the energy grid. Such areas can also benefit from being able to distil water for fresh supplies. This form of energy has even been used to power cars, and satellites in space!

Unlimited supply

While the unit itself will need to be replaced roughly every 20-25 years, the actual source of the energy – the sun – won’t run out for over 5 billion years. This means that unlike coal, commercial solar panels source energy from a pretty-much renewable source.

Low maintenance

These systems are easy and cheap to maintain. Simply wipe them down a few times a year to keep them clean. Most manufacturers provide 20-25 year warranties, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your energy supply for at least two decades! The only things that will need to be replaced are the inverter and cables, which should be changed every 5-10 years. So once you’ve paid the upfront costs, get ready to save!