Kids in their uniform while reading a book

Education administrators and parents alike may wonder about the benefits of choosing school uniform suppliers in Australia, instead of perhaps going through companies overseas or simply buying generic clothing from large stores.

There are a number of benefits to supporting Australian businesses, which will have a flow-on effect to both students and parents. Here are just a few of the top reasons to use school uniform suppliers in Australia:


Fast delivery

Custom orders can take a long time, especially if you’re ordering from overseas. It’s no secret that our country is isolated and shipping and freight can take many months, depending on where orders are traveling from. If you work with school uniform suppliers in Australia with manufacturing operations in the country, you can expect a much faster turnaround. Depending on their stock levels you could possibly even get your order dispatched in just a few weeks, rather than waiting for months and months. Fast turnarounds are a great bonus for education facilities with hard term start dates, who are trying to juggle fluctuating student numbers and the need to keep organised. Even the school uniform suppliers in Australia that work with overseas manufacturing operations can often still deliver faster turnaround times as their design processes might be in-country and much more streamlined. Being in the same timezone makes it much easier to communicate changes and get the design to work.


See examples of their work

Working with school uniform suppliers in Australia means you’ll be able to talk to the people you’re working with directly about your order and it will also mean that they’ll likely be able to show you some past examples or samples of clothing items in person. It’s hard to get a proper idea of how things look in a photo, it’s important to see the clothing items in person. Certain colors will look different off a screen, whilst the style of clothing might not hang or fit the way you expected. It’s a good idea to see their designs up close as this will give you the best idea of the level of quality you can expect.


young girl in her school uniformSupport local businesses

Many school uniform suppliers in Australia are family-run businesses that have been in operation for many years, or they employ local staff. By working with them you are supporting local businesses and ensuring that people are employed. By buying local you contribute directly to the local economy and contributing to the future of the students that the order is being made for.


Warranties and protections

Purchasing from school uniform suppliers in Australia will mean that you are protected under local consumer laws and that your order will be guaranteed by consumer protections. If there are any major faults or issues with your order, the manufacturer will need to remedy the issue by correcting the order or issuing a refund, this will give you much more peace of mind – especially if it’s a large or expensive order for a substantial student body.


It’s more ethical

If you order from local school uniform suppliers in Australia with manufacturing operations in the country then you can be assured that their workers are being paid fairly and working in safe conditions. We have strict workplace safety laws and awards to dictate the payment of workers in this country, ensuring that the workforce is protected. Going through an overseas manufacturer might seem attractive if the prices are cheap, but it can often mean that the work is being done by exploited workers in sweatshops and factories and unsafe environments.