Coconut Water is one of the worlds most popular and valuable natural drinks.

Coconut water is mostly consumed as a thirst quencher and moderate stimulant. Coconut water varies through stages of fruit maturity, begining with 6 month old furit. At this stage there is no kernal or air inside the nut, simply water containing solutes and some suspneded (cloudy) matter. The water is reputed to taste best when the fruit is six to nine months old but the concentration of the sugar and ingredients varies greatly perhaps because the water is a temporary store for nutrients being deposited into the kernel. At 9 months, the kernel comprises a nutritious soft jelly, which is easily scooped out (left).

Gradually over the ensuing six months, kernel accumulated on the inside wall of the shell, at first taking the form of soft jelly and then becomming rubbery by 10 months and solidly crisp when mature at the end of the 12th month (below).